Virgin Wines – E-marketing examples

Project Description

A few emails samples from 100's of projects. Virgin specialises in direct marketing, of which emails are one of the most important channels. With a sophisticated business model and CRM infrastructure, Virgin would often send to a million plus customers. Each email is considered a mini-advertising campaign with hand-crafted graphics and concepts - usually to exceedingly tight deadlines. This approach, even though stood apart from industry trends, it helped establish the Brand and stand out from competitors.

  • Primary way to connect customers to the Brand.
  • Standardising the email templates to establish a consistent Brand, while giving creative freedom.
  • E-mail marketing development over time - and introduced responsive mobile-friendly templates in 2011.
  • Standard product campaigns, seasonal and special promotions & targeting other business channels.
  • All campaigns would consider user experience and statistics from open rates, click-throughs, landing page design, featured space on the website through to purchases and checkout sales.


  • HTML
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • CSS